Every Student gets Online Test Portal Access which has 100+ Tests

Can Your Child Solve this in 3 Seconds (Challenge)?

  1.  85 x 85

  2.  104 x 103

  3.  98 x 92


    Can Your Child Solve this at Fastest Possible Time with 100% Accuracy (Challenge)?

  4.  8756 x 2314

  5.  97465 x 42315

  6.  987654 / 98 (Accurate to 6 Decimal Points)

  7.  6543218 / 875 (Accurate to 6 Decimal Points)


Why SIGN Speed Maths Workshop?

  • Get trained from an Expert Mr. K Vijay P who is an IIT Madras and IIM Kozhikode Alumnus.

  • Learn 60+ Shortcut Techniques and Solve Problems at the Fastest Possible Time.

  • Since 2010, He has trained 11,000+ students and is considered to be one of the best.

  • The workshop duration is for 15 days.

  • The course includes Online Test Portal Access which has 100+ tests.

  • Maths Olympiad is from 1st standard onwards. But we strictly consider 6th standard and above students for the workshop. We further expect that the 6th grade student must be a bright student to catch up the techniques taught.

  • For School and Junior College students (11th & 12th), this is useful for their Maths subject as well as for Olympiad as well as IIT JEE and BITSAT Exam.

  • For Degree and Engineering College students, this is useful for Aptitude Placements Preparation (CRT) as well as for various other competitive exams like CAT, GMAT etc to name a few.