For Advanced Career Counselling, We follow Three Step Process;

Step 1 (Coaching):

Two day Online Workshop [Live Classes – Zoom] of 1 hour 15 minutes duration each wherein focus would be on ‘Detailed Comprehensive Analysis on Career Options’. Both of them are essential & of utmost importance for student planning.

Step 2 (Tests):

Each student is given unique id and password for the online tests. Students need to take series of online tests which are proven standardized renowned international tests.


The TEST consists of 3 domains

  1. Aptitude – assess 8 areas which helps us understand what your child excels at.
  2. Interest – covering an umbrella of 14 broad areas which includes almost all the careers.
  3. Personality – gives a picture of the child through the lens of 16 values which are important while selecting the right career.




1.     Aptitude

–      8 Subtests

Each test takes 5mins – 12 mins

Total time: 30 – 45mins

2.     Interest

Time: 30 – 40 mins

3.     Personality

Time: 30 – 40 mins

  • The child can take breaks in between each domain test.

Total Time taken: 2 hours

After taking the tests, student gets comprehensive detailed analysis in the form of Graphs & Reports. They can access these reports at any given time.

Step 3 (One to One Counselling):

There will be one to one career counselling with the prospective student along with the parent.

What do you get?

– A psychometric test which identifies your likes & dislikes, aptitudes for subjects and your personality traits.

– A detailed comprehensive report which maps all the three areas together and help you get a better insight about yourself.

– A complete understanding of your child and help you chalk out what suits your child the best or what needs to be done to make him/her good at the selected career options.

– A one on one with an expert career counsellor.

– Complete guide to more than 500 careers that includes

(a) Description                   (b) Education & Training requirements

(c) Skills needed                (d) Jobs near you

(e) What activities students can do to gain more experience.