Training Program Outline

  • There is only one boss, and whether a person shines shoes for a living or heads up the biggest corporation in the world, the boss remains the same. It is the customer!
  • The customer is the person who pays everyone’s salary and who decides whether a business is going to succeed or fail. In fact, the customer can fire everybody in the company from the chairman (CEO) on down, and he can do it simply by spending his money somewhere else.
  • Literally everything we do, every concept perceived, every technology developed and associate employed, is directed with this one objective clearly in mind – pleasing the customer.”

            —Sam Walton, Owner & CEO, Wal-Mart


This training program would focus on:

  • Motivational Training to induce high level of Self Confidence
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Effective Time Management for Planning and Execution
  • Video Presentation on Customer Service – How important is customers?
  • Service Mindset
  • Understanding the Service Market
  • Service Quality Gaps
  • Customer Satisfaction: Understanding Customer Service
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction & Lifetime Value
  • Networking isn’t about getting customers
  • Dealing with different kinds of customers

    • How to handle irate customers
    • How to handle tough/abusive customers
  • Top Strategies to Get An Angry Customer to Back Down
  • Effective Complaints Handling
  • How to attract new customers
  • Sealing and Closing the Deal

Training Program Outcome

  • Become good interpreters of what customers want today and expect tomorrow.
  • Effective tactics for overcoming customer dissatisfaction and client defection.
  • Focus on tackling issues such as how people can partner across functions to exceed customer expectations, initiate new services to generate add-on and cross-selling opportunities, and leverage industry-wide “best practices” to strengthen customer ties.