Emotional Intelligence

Training Program Outline

  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. EI as a Tool to Enhance Self Confidence
  3. Understanding EI to overcome Stress
  4. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Technique
  5. Mind Map 
  6. Effective Time Management
  7. Concept of Optimalist vs Perfectionist
  8. Interpersonal Skills
  9. Effective Communication

Training Program Outcome

  1. To bring about an understanding of the importance of interpersonal skills in both professional and personal lives,
  2. To enable the participants to develop their interpersonal competence that will help them to prepare for the communicative challenges of the workplace.
  3. Understanding the benefits of Emotional Intelligence to individuals thus leading to
  • Increased self-confidence,
  • Increased willingness to speak their mind,
  • Increased willingness to fight for what they deem important and
  • Greater resilience to the challenges and changes they face in both their organizational and personal lives.