Top GRE Score

  V Balaji – 327    B Venkateshwar – 326   Damodar E – 326
  Sheetal – 323    Meena S – 321   T Swaroop – 320
  M Reddy – 319    Anuradha – 317   Swetha T– 315
 V Ramanth – 315  B Teja – 313  B Murali – 313
P Chatterjee – 311 Nandini – 311 Vishnu K – 310
R Manoj – 309 D Shanti – 308 Vikas L – 307
  Govind V – 307 V Tirumala – 307 G Veda – 305
K Sohaib – 304 Mahesh – 302 Srujan K – 302


Congratulations to Bhanu Teja for Scoring 170 out of 170 in Quantitative Reasoning on Nov 30th 2015

SIGN GRE Coaching

The GRE coaching programme offered by S!GN Consulting are as follows:

  1. Postal Coaching (Distance Learning Correspondence Programme)
  2. Class Room Coaching – (a) Long Term (8 – 10 Weeks) and (b) Short Term (4 – 5 Weeks)
  3. Online Test Series

Postal Coaching comprises of Comprehensive Study Materials (Total of 11 Books) and access to GRE Mock Tests. Students can utilize the services of Postal Coaching, if they are unable to make it to the classroom coaching.

Classroom Coaching offered by S!GN are of two types namely Long Term (8 – 10 Weeks) and Short Term (4  – 5 Weeks). Both the programmes are extremely intensive and rigorous.

We give enough emphasis on all the test areas: Analytical writing, Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning.

We also conduct special on-demand sessions to help you improve in weak areas.

Always there for You

Outside of the classroom, faculty members are available to help students on a more personal level. You are encouraged to approach us outside of class with questions or difficulties you may be having. This is particularly useful if you are struggling in certain areas or want to go the extra mile in one of the areas.

Complimentary Admissions Package

With the Classroom Training package, we also include a complimentary admissions counselling session that will help you use your high scores to achieve the highest quality university education possible.

Materials for GRE Students

  1. Verbal Reasoning
  2. Analytical Writing Assessment
  3. Basic of Data Interpretation (DI)
  4. Word List
  5. Mathematical Conventions – QR I
  6. Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning Measures – QR II
  7. Handout on Arithmetic – QR III
  8. Handout on Algebra – QR IV
  9. Handout on Geometry – QR V
  10. Mathematical Formula
  11. Quantitative Reasoning 1500+ Exercises Materials

USP of S!GN GRE Coaching Hyderabad

  • Average GRE Score of S!GN Students is 305 out of 340
  • IIT/IIM and Experienced Trainers
  • Being an IIT and IIM team, our expertise in QR has helped us secure an Avg GRE Quantitative Score of 160 out of 170
  • Faculty : Student Ratio = 1 : 14
  • Limited intake of 10 – 14 Students per Batch
  • Students have flexibility to choose either Class Room Coaching or Postal Coaching
  • Campus is Wi Fi Enabled
  • Training Programs are Intensive and Rigorous
  • Post Training Program Assistance
  • Comprehensive Study Materials
  • Surprise Tests to enhance students capability
  • Online Test Series
  • Extremely Competitive Fee Structure

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