The Sales Effectiveness Program emcompasses two modules namely

Module 1: Communication Skills

  • Spoken Communication
  • Listening Skills
  • Non-Verbal Communication

Module 2: Selling Skills

  • The 7 Steps of a Sale
  • Understanding the Sales Process
  • Video Presentation on Sales Training and Motivation
  • Importance of Leading and Motivating Sales Team
  • Video Presentation – Inspirational Speech
  • The biggest mistake salespeople make – Avoiding common sales mistakes
  • Preparing for the sales
  • Conducting the sales
  • The PRICE Objection
  • How to Capture a Prospects Attention
  • Video Presentation on Customer Service – How important is customers?
  • Networking isn’t about getting customers
  • Dealing with different kinds of customers

    • How to handle irate customers
    • How to handle tough/abusive customers
  • Top Strategies to Get An Angry Customer to Back Down
  • How to ask great questions in selling?
  • Mastering the Selling Process