Why SIGN Consulting?

K Vijay P is an IIT Madras & IIM Kozhikode Alumnus and he has personally groomed 20,000+ students since 2010. He personally handles this workshop and focusses on the short cut techniques that can help one to solve even complex calculations in seconds. He is undoubtedly one of the best in the field & is considered to be an expert. He has 2.5 Million (25 Lakhs) Content Views in QUORA. We offer Offline & Online Coaching. Our Online Coaching too has been very effective.

Eligibility & Who Can Attend this Workshop?

This workshop is for Age 10+ years & above. This workshop is useful as the shortcut tricks learnt can help you to do calculations in Mathematics at the fastest possible time. These can further be used for Maths | Olympiad | SAT | IIT JEE | BITSAT | CSAT | CLAT | VITEEE | IIST |  IISc | NATA | Other Competitive Exams. Even an undergraduate student can attend this workshop as it is useful to them for Aptitude Test Preparation as well as for Any Competitive Exams. Anyone can attend this workshop irrespective of the age provided that you are an aptitude to learn short cut techniques for faster calculations. 

Can You Solve This in Fastest Possible Time Without Using Calculator? 

  1. 876942 x 624189
  2. 72940853 / 985
  3. 862875349 / 7261
  4. 278569 x 362978

If not, then this workshop is a must. Kindly note that even though these techniques are taught in Advanced Speed Maths [Level 2], one cannot miss Basic Speed Maths [Level 1] which is equally important. Overall both the levels enhances the speed at which the calculations are done. Kindly note that the workshop covers both the levels.

How is this Program Offered?

Speed Maths Workshop is offered in two levels namely Basic & Advanced as mentioned below,

Basic Speed Maths [Level 1]: We teach 67 simple techniques which can help you to do calculations in seconds. 

Advanced Speed Maths [Level 2]: All the shortcut methods for Addition | Subtraction | Multiplication | Division | Other Tricks is thought in the Advanced Level. Complex Multiplications like 98765 x 78432 to Complex Divisions 98567126 / 875 can be solved with 100% Accuracy. Especially in Divisions one can get it accurate to ‘n’ number of decimal points which is quite hard to imagine without Calculator. In total 85+ techniques are taught in Level 2. 

NOTE: Both the Levels are taught in Speed Maths Workshop. In total 140+ Techniques are taught. 

Course Materials + Online Test Series + Certificate is given only after the student enrolls for both the Levels.

We have been offering both Offline & Online Workshops.

Attend Classes as Per Your Comfort

We have Video Recorded Classes for someone who has a hectic schedule & would like to attend the classes as per their own comfort.