Training Program Outline:

  • Agenda and Icebreaker
  • A Story on Teamwork
  • Different Stages of Team Development
  • Barriers to Team Building
  • Virtual Teams
  • Understanding Team Dynamics
  • Structure of Feedback
  • Activity on ‘Think like a Leader & Creative Problem Solving’
  • Leadership
  • The Role of a Leader / Team Member
  • Interpersonal Skills & Emotional Intelligence
  • Game: Team Building Activity
  • Activity: Effective Team Building Technique to Enhance Teamwork
  • Managing the Team

    • Goal Setting
    • Selection of a Team
    • Focus on Creating Trust among the Team
    • Maximing the Performance of the Team
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Assessment

Training Program Objectives:

  • Self Motivation a performance factor and Developing Self Discipline
  • To identify different stages of team development
  • To build an understanding of group process concepts
  • To build skills in identifying, analyzing and addressing the factors influencing team effectiveness and performance
  • To learn how to participate effectively in both face to face and virtual teams as a leader, as a team member and as a facilitator.
  • Identify the obstacles to the effective use of Interpersonal Skills.
  • Build an effective technique to Interpersonal skills and Team bonding.
  • Know the benefits of effective Interpersonal skills for enhancing team effectiveness.
  • Collaboration and co operation with co employees and building conducive work culture
  • Importance of Interpersonal relations and Team bonding to achieve Organizational Goal.

NOTE: Class Exercises are given to the participants at the beginning of the Training Programme. The same is to be filled in by the participant at specific intervals after the concepts have been taught. The same is shared with the respective participants.